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      當前位置:集景設計 >> 新聞 >> 瀏覽文章




      8. On August 28, all the staff of Jijing design and Jijing Design Institute began a tour of the ancient city of Xinzhou, along Daiwa Red Wall, Qingshiban Street, deep narrow alley... Looking for the little things we know.


      Looking ahead, the courtyard flowers and trees have a unique flavor, which is set of landscape designers unique work-"Dongsheng Hot Spring Hotel. ".


      Tilt four corners, as if the wings of birds, elegant form, beautiful. We incorporate Zen and culture into the classics, make full use of local advantages, integrate the building into the natural environment, and fully enjoy the relationship between man and nature. We also name every courtyard of the hotel, and give each side of the land aura, endow the building space with rich emotion. Look at the The Sundowners here, you can find that wipe your own peace and quiet!


      Looking around, flowers and trees are Sheng, cornices Qiaojiao with the whole, as if came to a hui-style courtyard. Mottled tree photocopying in the wall, the United States like a landscape painting.


      We come here, meet ourselves, forget the past, feel the leisure time in a wood, let the afternoon of a meter of sunshine into the heart of the softest place.


      The ancient city of Xinzhou is endowed with the unique charm of ancient simplicity. Scattered through the whole blue stone paved streets, the layers of clear as an array of neatly arranged to show people how the sea has evolved into mulberry fields.


      The city tower under the Sun appears to be more thick and magnificent, coruscating a vibrant vitality. Ancient buildings to history, the narrative of ancient and modern. UPTURNED CORNICES, roof tiles, in the sun refraction, Shining Yingying broken light.


      On both sides of the street green tile roof of residential, shops, workshops linked, a quaint style, full street row upon row of shops is a dazzling array of shelves, selling a variety of national crafts, tourist souvenirs. There are also some flavor restaurants, the streets are no shortage of gold, silver and jade shops. Every firm is in and out of people, business seems to be very prosperous, a prosperous scene.


      Rows of old houses stand side by side in the alley, the quiet atmosphere of the old as if transported back to the ancient times, drinking a pot of tea, laughing about four arts of the Chinese scholar.


      The title page of memory is so transparent, the old street is very beautiful, with a deep beauty of ancient rhyme, and burning the years of wine made of the United States, it contains a century of culture, the continuation of a city unchanged spirit.


      All members of the school of landscape design and landscape design come close to nature as well as the architecture of the ancient city. The construction behavior is one kind of emotion behavior in the final analysis, is also precisely today China newly built city lacks. The humanities allow buildings to last longer than technology. And that's why ancient architecture has triumphed over time. Good architecture can become a part of nature, let the environment become a part of people's life, use architecture to create a natural feeling and interaction with people, thus feeling free from space and time constraints.


      The visit to the ancient city of Xinzhou has not only seen the history and culture of the Old City, but also witnessed the landing of the excellent works of our designers. The lines on the manuscripts have been transformed into brick-by-brick buildings, which are the masterpieces of the heart. A pleasant space, a pleasant life, a one-party exclusive world, all here to seek the most appropriate expression. Stick to the original intention, keep the original intention, believe more harvest will come one after another.

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